Sunday, December 20, 2009

Family Session :: the Story’s

I was contacted by a church to take pictures for them for a flyer they were sending out. Things ended up falling through but the pastor and his wife still wanted family pictures. This is what brought my to the Story family. Their son is the smartest little boy I have come in contact with lately. I still think about him often and how well he could talk and tell me about everything.


Story_2009 12 05_0044 

Story_2009 12 05_0096-blk

Story_2009 12 05_0141-texture

Story_2009 12 05_0175-2

Story_2009 12 05_0307

Story_2009 12 05_0369

Story_2009 12 05_0477

Family Session :: Osegeura’s

I have known Stacey for the past several years from working at Loma Linda. I was there when her second child was born and she had no name for her! =) This is such an amazing family and her girls are so full of personality and very cute. I took these at Red Hill Park in Rancho.

Oseguera_2009 12 02_0015

Oseguera_2009 12 02_0096

Oseguera_2009 12 02_0229

Oseguera_2009 12 02_0249

Oseguera_2009 12 02_0358

      Oseguera_2009 12 02_0359-blk


Oseguera_2009 12 02_0417