Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Session:: Partida/Espinoza

Ahh.. Ray and Anya. I loved my session with them this week. We talked and laughed and I could not get enough of her son, who I saw come into this world. I have known Anya since High School I think and she just happened to come in and deliver one night when I was still working Labor and Delivery. This kid has so much energy, I was surprised I was able to get him to stand still long enough to snap the picture. Ray and Anya will be getting married Feb 2011, so I am sure you will see many more pictures of them from me.

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0010Espinoza_2010 01 08_0036-1Espinoza_2010 01 08_0064-text

                       Espinoza_2010 01 08_0100

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0140 Espinoza_2010 01 08_0171

                            Espinoza_2010 01 08_0203

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0222

                    Espinoza_2010 01 08_0241       

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0290Espinoza_2010 01 08_0250-blk

                    Espinoza_2010 01 08_0340

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0409

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0420-blk

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0429-1

                  Espinoza_2010 01 08_0451

Espinoza_2010 01 08_0499

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Session :: Charbonneau’s

This is my family. Well, my sis n law and her hubby and kiddos. We took these down in San Diego at Sunset Cliffs.  We go down there often and the weather is always so beautiful. Of course the day we decide to take pictures it is like a hurricane outside. It rained most of the day and the wind was out of control. They were troopers though and we pulled it off. Not as nice as we would have liked but that is just how it all played out.

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0019SanDiego_2009 11 28_0028

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0051   SanDiego_2009 11 28_0056

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0073-2

       SanDiego_2009 11 28_0243

SanDiego_2009 11 28_00831 We attempted to get a picture with all the grandkids, but when one had just stopped crying and the other was trying to wiggle out of arms, it doesn’t go over too well. (p.s. those were my kids!)

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0126

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0212

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0253-BLK

Family Session :: Medlin’s

I took these back in early December up at Lake Fulmore. It was getting chilly when we took these and Mr. Noah wasn’t having it. I would have liked to gotten more, but was happy with what we got.

Medlin_2009 11 20_0012

                  Medlin_2009 11 20_0004

Medlin_2009 11 20_0017

        Medlin_2009 11 20_0038

Medlin_2009 11 20_0066

Medlin_2009 11 20_0092

Medlin_2009 11 20_0119-blk

             Medlin_2009 11 20_0130

Medlin_2009 11 20_0133

Medlin_2009 11 20_0147

Medlin_2009 11 20_0166

Medlin_2009 11 20_0279

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family Session :: The Loreman’s

I did this session back in December but have been pretty busy with the holidays and also sickness that decided it didn’t want to leave my body. Being pregnant and sick is just not a fun thing to experience. So as of now I am BACK IN BUSINESS and ready to rock and roll.

I have known Amanda since jr. high I think so I was thrilled when she asked me to take her family pictures. He son was such a ham and then once he didn’t want anymore pictures taken we had a bribe him.


Loreman_2009 12 06_0028 Loreman_2009 12 06_0054




















Loreman_2009 12 06_0062-2  Loreman_2009 12 06_0085

     Loreman_2009 12 06_0108-2

Loreman_2009 12 06_0256

Loreman_2009 12 06_0268

        Loreman_2009 12 06_0449

Loreman_2009 12 06_0393Loreman_2009 12 06_0399-2

Loreman_2009 12 06_0416

             Loreman_2009 12 06_0496