Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Twenty-Nine years.


To celebrate my twenty-ninth birthday yesterday, I am telling you twenty-nine things about myself you may know or not know. . .

  1. I was born at St. Bernadine Hospital
  2. My parents divorced when I was seven
  3. I am the oldest of two sisters. A step sister and a step brother
  4. I love music in all sounds.
  5. I have worked thirteen jobs.
  6. Owned eight vehicles.
  7. I have broken nine bones.
  8. I blow dry my eye lashes.
  9. I wear flip-flops 95% of the time.
  10. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  11. I love pizza and mexican food.
  12. I just started wearing nail polish in the last six months, and realized it makes me feel girly.
  13. I was always that one girl hanging out with all the guys growing up.
  14. I learned to drive stick on a tractor.
  15. I am a workaholic
  16. I invest my time more in others than I do myself.
  17. I prefer to attempt to let my immune system tackle something before simply “popping a pill”
  18. Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist or a vet. (until I found out how my school that would take)
  19. I was class clown in the 8th grade.
  20. I’m nocturnal by nature, though society and my kids force me to keep other hours
  21. I rode my dirt bike to work when I was fourteen.
  22. I think I missed my calling as a racecar driver
  23. I talk to myself, a lot!
  24. I want to move out of California within the next five years.
  25. I cry a lot, but wish I didn’t. ( it just happens)
  26. I love the outdoors and would prefer to be outside any day.
  27. I have six tattoos
  28. I love swimming.
  29. In twenty-nine years I couldn’t have been more please with how MY life turned out thus far.


There ya have it. Twenty-nine random facts about me! It has been a roller-coaster of a ride, but I am looking forward to whatever life brings me in the upcoming years.  One more year until my thirties and I can’t wait! I really think my thirties will be the best yet.  We can only hope!