Monday, June 27, 2011

::Marks Family Reunion::

This year we decided to have our First Annual Marks Family Reunion. After my grandparents passed away five years ago we haven’t gotten together unless it is for a wedding or funeral and I was the last one to get married four years ago. We decided it would be great to try to get everyone in the same house for a weekend so we could catch up and also have the kids meet and play.

It was a great time, wonderful time! I know I had tons of fun visiting and seeing everyone, and I know my kids are still tired from this weekend. I loved watching the kids play and interact with eachother. It reminded me when I was a kid getting together with family and playing with my cousins.

I wish I would have taken more pictures. I hardly took any. I know other people did so once I get those I will try and put them all together, but for now I will show you what I have.

My pictures include majority of the kids, some more than others. I think I am drawn to the wild ones which is why I have more pictures of the boys that anyone.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I can’t wait for next year to do it all again.


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I will edit more later… For now it looks like you get to see a lot of Uncle Steve’s family… Winking smile

Friday, June 24, 2011

::Bean & Cheese Egg Roll::

That would be how this little trio refers to their beautiful, outgoing, super smart daughter. I have know Lien since our Reche Canyon Elementary days, and I have know Daniel since high school. I always have a ton of fun with this family and it is always great to catch up. The last time I took their pictures Mikayla wanted nothing to do with me, nothing, not even a smile. This time she was my best friend, you know the kind that want to hold your hand and even tell you secrets, like when they accidently pass gas. hehe.

We met in Temecula and shot at South Coast Winery. It is such a beautiful place. I lived in Temecula for about a year and a half so I knew of the perfect spot that I wanted to finish our session at and it worked perfectly. Lien just informed me that she already knows where she wants to shoot her next session and I cannot wait.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

::Dani | Maternity::

I had a lot of fun at this shoot. Dani and Robbie drove up near my house and we shot in this area that I have seen nothing but deer. It was very secluded and woodsy, just how I like it. Dani was up for anything and willing to try whatever I had in mind, which always makes it fun. She even climbed under a fence to get where we needed to go, now that’s a team player.  It was the perfect evening with a wonderful evening glow. We picked this area that the sun crested over the mountain and came down perfectly where we were shooting. I cannot wait to meet little RJ, he should be here any day. . .

Swinford2011May_0122Swinford2011May_0046Swinford2011May_0070Swinford2011May_0079Swinford2011May_0182    Swinford2011May_0223-1Swinford2011May_0254Swinford2011May_0334Swinford2011May_0328Swinford2011May_0339Swinford2011May_0372-1Swinford2011May_0396