Thursday, September 30, 2010

::Lake Gregory:: 4 Families

I met Emily a couple months ago and then she asked me to come up to them to take family pictures. She said she would make it worth the trip and she wasn’t kidding. I am so grateful to her for getting me three other families, making a whole day out of me driving up there. All four families were wonderful.

33898_442996090826_114685990826_5127617_3993640_n 33898_442996100826_114685990826_5127619_4096009_n 33898_442996105826_114685990826_5127620_7851313_n  62183_441078000826_114685990826_5090847_1264651_n   62750_442995795826_114685990826_5127608_4651406_n 62750_442995800826_114685990826_5127609_2503156_n 62750_442995805826_114685990826_5127610_3675184_n 62750_442995810826_114685990826_5127611_3218918_n 62750_442995815826_114685990826_5127612_6865411_n       63803_441487720826_114685990826_5096989_3674038_n

::Senior Session:: Justine

Justine is such a sweet girl. I really enjoyed taking her senior pictures and she even let me drag her to a new place and was super dirty, but she was a trooper. She is also so motivated. She will be graduating early and then Start college classes next spring. I love that. 63381_440975850826_114685990826_5088524_4125420_n63381_440975860826_114685990826_5088526_5541449_n63381_440975840826_114685990826_5088523_1984808_n63381_440975855826_114685990826_5088525_5688628_n    60022_440976085826_114685990826_5088538_64078_n    61493_440737750826_114685990826_5084570_7522317_n 

63381_440975865826_114685990826_5088527_7173200_n                 59222_440975455826_114685990826_5088514_8254993_n


::Newborn, 4 days old:: Miss C:

Oh man, I am sooo in love with this little girl and since she is my best friends daughter, she either better be my daughters best friend or Logan’s future wife. Hey, ill even take both. I will make this happen just watch.

    59434_438348115826_114685990826_5032446_4437569_n       61845_438761915826_114685990826_5040013_424061_n       62516_438761740826_114685990826_5040006_4035523_n 62557_438348055826_114685990826_5032444_5187823_n   61500_438353330826_114685990826_5032573_1721249_n62902_438353300826_114685990826_5032572_66130_n

::Family Session:: DeThomas:

I have known Marie for six years now. I worked with her at the hospital in Labor and Delivery. I have seen her kids grown to be so big. I love her family though. They always make me laugh and are such a good time. I hardly feel like I am working.

    58573_438363605826_114685990826_5032776_3891448_n 58573_438363610826_114685990826_5032777_4980673_n 58573_438363615826_114685990826_5032778_3339615_n         59313_437949290826_114685990826_5024361_5624854_n59313_437949305826_114685990826_5024364_5603212_n59313_437949300826_114685990826_5024363_3935972_n 59313_437949295826_114685990826_5024362_6151755_n   59313_437949310826_114685990826_5024365_259458_n

::Fun at the Fair::

This wonderful mom called me and wanted “something different” so she asked if I would come to the fair and take pictures of her and her boys. Tons of fun, and man did they have some energy.


 61873_437504115826_114685990826_5013888_6615850_n 61873_437504120826_114685990826_5013889_4294421_n 61873_437504125826_114685990826_5013890_330075_n 61873_437504130826_114685990826_5013891_6618870_n 61873_437504135826_114685990826_5013892_540878_n

::E-Session:: J&D:

Denita and John are great friends of the family. Wes, my husband, has known Denita since high school and I am so glad that her and I became friends. They are actually getting married next week in Hawaii 10.10.10. I am so bummed that we wont be making their wedding and will be missing out on the huge party, so I was grateful she asked me to take some pictures of them before they go. Congrats you two! We love you.


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A little Help

Okay everyone… This might be a little bit a of stretch, but it never hurts to ask. And I only need 50 of you to do this.


Have any of you heard of Ebates?? If you shop on-line AT ALL. This is going to help you. When you make any purchase online all you have to do is go through ebates find the store you are wanting to shop at, make your purchase and then you get money back.  For example, I bought some shirts from Gap last week and it was 5% back. I ended up getting around 10.00 I think. SO I will have a check mailed to me in November. Checks go out 3x a year. My last check was 26.00. This is not a scam or any funny business this is the real deal. Look it up and research it if you want. But this is where I want your help. Since my business is doing so well I am having a hard time managing everything. Yes, the business part and keeping my three.. yes THREE hard copies all updated so I would love to get an ipad to help that issue out.

So if 50.. just 50 of you goto this link and sign up OR use my e-mail ( when you sign up.. See painless.



PLEASE HELP.. <--- this is me begging.

you are probably asking.. well what is in it for you.. well if I get 50 people to sign up and get the ipad i will get away 3 yes 3 sessions. So please let me know if you signed up..


Thank you in advance.

Hannah Sons

Yes, this might be tacky but like I said, it never hurts to ask.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Final pricing adjustments have been made.

Starting Oct 1. Pricing as follows

$150.00 for a Local session $170.00 for beach and non-local session.

This will give you 1-3 hours & as many wardrobe changes as needed. Location of your choice. Also includes 50-100 edited images on a CD with copyright release. This means you can print where ever you want and have endless usage of your pictures.

If you would like an Announcement or Invitation made it will be $10.00 plus printing price if printed by me.

If you want the CD of ALL your non-edited photos it is $20.00

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am really easy to work with and will try to give you the best experience possible.


I started doing this so I could work and also stay home with my children. Pictures are so important to me and I think that everyone should be able to have pictures that will last a life time. I am trying to keep my picture pricing as low as possible, but since this is my only income I still need to be able to contribute to my family. Thank you all for understanding.

- Hannah