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2012 Info and Pricing…

In any situation or any session I want the people around me to feel comfortable. I want having your pictures taken to be easy, casual, and fun. I don’t want anyone to stress or fuss about anything. It is my job to give you a great final product and also for you to walk away pleased with your experience as a whole. Please let me know what I can do to make this process easy and fun for you and your family. My soul propose of my business is to give you what I love in my house, and that would be all the pictures I have of my family. Pictures are timeless. Photographs capture something that cannot be recreated; life. To me pictures are more than just a smile on a wall, they are heirlooms that will be passed around for decades to come.

  Please contact me for any further information or with any questions you might have. You’ll never know, unless ya ask.


EACH sessions comes with a DVD of low resolution edited images , good for only 4x6’s.

If you would like high resolution it is a $275.00 fee. Therefore will be able to print any size you would like and as often as your little heart desires.  

Most sessions last 1-2 hours and will start approx. two hours before sunset.

  • Pictures will be edited and in an online gallery within 16 business days.
  • Files are archived (saved in our database) for up to ONE year, thereafter they are removed and no longer available for purchase or viewing, unless contacted before the year is up and arrangements are made. (so make copies of your dvd’s)
  • We accept payment in the terms of:  Cash /Check/and credit. Fee is $4.00 for credit.

You will be given a password with an on-line gallery for you, family and friends to view and make any print purchases of 5x7 and larger. Galleries will be available within 16 business days of shoot. Galleries will be available for two weeks to make any purchases. 

Booking fee is $75.00 and due within 24 hours of booking Hannah Sons.  If payment arrangements aren't made within 24 hours date will no longer be held

$175.00 is due day of session. You may choose to upgrade at any time.

Natural : $175.00 – 15 images on a low resolution DVD no print credit

Bliss : $200.00 – 30 images on a low resolution DVD.  with a $50.00 print credit.  

Paradise : $250.00 – 50 images on a low resolution DVD with a $75.00 print credit. 

You will have a two week period to use to print credit before it is void.


Wedding Packages start at $2495. Please contact for more info and a full price list.

I will no longer be taking newborn clients year round. I will be referring newborn Clients to Becky Hales Photography.  I will take newborns  when the weather is warm and you are wanting an outdoor  session. I will still take newborns occasionally but only if more of a natural lifestyle session is desired.

Hannah Sons Photography TRAVELS!! Anywhere. Contact for more info.


Print Investments.

All prints come with luster finish.

8x10 and larger come on a styrene mount.    Styrene is a super smooth plastic mounting substrate that resists warping, making it an excellent choice for adding durability to prints.               

5x7 – $7.00                                                                                                                                   

8x10 – $12.00                                                                                                                                

8x12 – $20.00                                                                                                                                

11x14 – $30.00                                                                        

16x20 – $40.00                                                                          

20x24 – $50.00                                                                          

20x30 – $55.00      

56 wallets – $30.00

8 wallets – $ 10.00                                         


Standout Prints 

Standout is the perfect contemporary mounting option that doesn’t require a frame to hang on the wall. The sleek edges and sides of the Standout mount can create a modern wall display with the focus all on the image. Standout is made from lightweight foam banded with a Black, White, Light Wood, or Stainless Steel edge and comes ready to display with hanging holes on the backside. depth, ¾"

  8x10 – $35.00                                                      11x14 - $45.00                                                      

12x12 – $45.00                                                      16x20 – $65.00

20x24 – $85.00                                                       20x30 – $110.00

________________________________________________________________________________________                                             Print Packages

Hallow  $45.00                            Black   $150.00

two 8x10                                                                       Four 12x12 standout prints

two 5x7

56 wallets

Bailiff   $50.00                                   Grace $ 80.00

one 11x14                                                                                      one 16x20

two 8x10                                                                                        one 11x14

three 5x7                                                                                        two 8x10

                                                                                                       three 5x7

_____________________________________________________________________________                       If you are considering booking me, Please come in with an open mind to buy prints or use your print credit. Why pay a large amount to have beautiful pictures taken, but never have the product on your walls to show for it? Professional prints can brighten and add life to any room. They are something that can be held and shown off for years and years to come. With technology moving as quickly as it is we may not be able to even view our DVD’s in 50 years. I cannot get enough prints to fill my home. They make my house a home, and I want the same for your prints.


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