Monday, January 31, 2011

:: I ♥ Faces:: Best Face::

This week at I♥faces it’s the people’s choice awards and the topic is best face.
The picture has to be from January. So I picked Bailey’s picture. I just love it. You see a smile, but you don’t see her mouth. She smiles with her whole face and that is why I love this picture. For the most part I am trying to use all of my personal pictures for I♥faces so this is why you will see a lot of the same looking people.
I wish you all a good week . { I am entry 551 } if you would like to vote for my picture.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

::Logan:: My THREE year old::

I seriously cannot believe my son is three today. I am trying to remember the last three years of his life and it just feels like a huge flash of light passed me.

This kid is the light of my life. He is something else. When I was pregnant with him I would pray he would have an outgoing, fun, strong, personality. That he would be someone to stand for what he believes in. To never take no for an answer and to never give up. I prayed these things all the time. Only problem, God listened and gave me everything I prayed for, which is now biting my in the butt. It’s true what everyone says; it only gets harder not easier as they get older. For Logan, this is very true. Just in the past couple weeks he has tested my patience more than ever and at times it is really hard. He is so full of life and comes up with the funniest things to say, which at times makes it hard to punish him or just not to laugh.  Him and timeout have  become close buddies lately even though Logan despises timeout.

Logan may be wild and crazy most days but he is also a cuddle bug and such a sweetheart. He can be sensitive ( he gets that from me.. poor guy) and very caring towards others.

If I had to narrow down his favorite things to eat it would be: sandwiches, hot dogs, crackers and chips, boy does he love some chips.

Most of all though, he hates wearing clothes. He will do anything to take his clothes off.   His newest line is he “pee’d” his pants so they have to come off!  He goes to the doctor in a couple weeks for his 3yo check up so I will have to post his “stats” later.

No matter how frustrated I get with him he is everything to me. He is my life, my first born, my LOVE. I cannot image life without him,…. ok I lied, when I wrote that all I could think about was more sleep, I would have more sleep without my children. But, I wouldn’t trade them for the world, or even more sleep. Promise!

Happy birthday Logan!  

We love you so much and will continue to pray for you to grow up and be the strong, independent, funny, outgoing person you are!

…And here is a slue of pictures of my boy!

              purplestork-33839-5x7[1] (2)P1010700   CSC_0164logan2Pumpkin Patch_1891      Logans1stb-day_32521st Birthday!

SonsJan_2010 01 25_0736sonsJan_2010 01 22_0584-blk2009May_4162April4th09_3664   2009June_43002009May_4193Chipped teeth and a bum eye! Copy of DSC_1710_3534


  sons2010May_0035                Sons2011Jan_0146 copy




Saturday, January 29, 2011

::Twin Boys, Three Weeks:: E&A: {Palm Desert newborn photographer}

A couple weeks ago my friend Kim contacted me to take pictures of her new nephews. These little guys were so cute and tiny. I had never done twins before, so that was a challenge within itself plus they were three weeks old and normally I do newborn sessions within the first 10 days of life. I was a bit nervous thinking of how I was going to position them, but once I got there things just kind of fell in place.

To be honest it was so nice sitting there talking with Kim and Janelle, the boys mama. Talk about having your hands full. I can not image have two little babies with the same needs at the same time. My hat is off to Janelle! The boys are paternal twins. At a quick glance they look very similar, but then when you look at them for more than a second you can see all the differences. It is also very obvious they have different personalities.

One reason why I love doing newborn photography is because I can hold and love of these little cute babies and then I can go home! I may complain about my crazy kids but I love the stages they are at. Newborn has never been my favorite ( at least with my own, but I LOVE others newborn babies), probably because I had the most fussiest, colicky children on the planet until three months.

I can’t wait to see these babies again and would love to photograph them on their first birthday to see how much they have grown and what kind of trouble they are getting into. I am sure they will be tag teaming, ganging up on their parents in no time!

Seghers2011Jan_0023 copy 3           Seghers2011Jan_0055Seghers2011Jan_0086Seghers2011Jan_0142 copy 3Seghers2011Jan_0157Seghers2011Jan_0021-1Seghers2011Jan_0160-1

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

::Senior Session:: Amelia:: {Big Bear Family Photographer}


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Amelia and her brothers. Amelia and I have been talking since before Christmas about her senior pictures, finally our schedules worked out and we were able to meet and take some fabulous pictures. It was very important to her to include her brothers. Originally, she wanted to take her pictures as a surprise for her parents for Christmas. I thought it was neat she wanted to include her brothers and now, after meeting them I know why. These three people are so close and have such a fun, loving, anything goes type of  relationship. Something you don’t see too often with siblings. My hat is off to their parents. I can only pray that one day my children will be that close and have each other as a best friend. It was very inspiring to to watch them interact and be in their presence.

To say the least I had such a wonderful time hanging out with them. Amelia is super cool and very smart. She is going to start college right away and work towards her nursing degree. Whatever she may do I wish her the very best and have a feeling she will be great at whatever she decides in life.

Murillo2011Jan_0105-1Murillo2011Jan_0163Murillo2011Jan_0187Murillo2011Jan_0281-1Murillo2011Jan_0328-1Murillo2011Jan_0346Murillo2011Jan_0383-1        Murillo2011Jan_0404Murillo2011Jan_0411-1

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I ♥ faces:: Innocent Wonder

This weeks photo challenge at i♥faces t is a broad one. There are so many options to innocent wonder. As long as is it not a pictures of me, because I am not so innocent!
I spent about 20 minutes going through all of my pictures and I kept coming back to this picture of my nephew. Last summer I was sitting on the floor at my in-laws house taking pictures of their dog when my nephew came and stood over me to look outside. This is the image I captured.
When boys hit around the age of 12 it is very rare that you will find them with an “innocent expression” especially if you know my nephew. If you have boys you know exactly what I am talking about.

When I look into his eyes, I just see softness. And in my head softness is what I think of when I hear the word innocent. Something soft and pure. It would be like seeing the world for the first time! That is innocent.

Yes, I know random.... Welcome to the world of Hannah.. ha ha.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

ahh. It is that time of week again. Friday! Woohoo. {insert happy dance}

My husband came home this morning from working all night, told us to get ready, and took us to the zoo. Him and I both had not been in years and we had a blast. At times I think he was more excited than Logan to see the animals. I will post more later though.

This flashback picture is one of my favorite pictures of all times. It is a day that often gets brought up in my life. A day I  think about and smile. A day that most people don’t believe unless they saw it in person or have seen the pictures. A day that I really don’t think can be recreated, although we have talked about trying… ;)

This day all came down to someone telling me I couldn’t do anything that would surprise them, or that they hadn’t seen before! ha! At the time I was working at the Sheriffs Department as a 911 dispatcher and I was living in Grand Terrace with Kalin. I had become really good friends with the local deputy in Grand Terrace. Kalin and I are night owls so we would always be out late doing random things. For instance mowing the law at 3am ( the neighbors hated us) or we would take late night runs, be to tired to run home so I would have the deputy drive us home. ( we were young, that is my ONLY excuse) One night in conversation he told us there was nothing we could do to shock him. Nothing we could do that he hadn’t seen before. To Kalin and I this was a challenge so we put our minds to work and this is what we came up with!

To say the least it was a shocker! People took pictures, the fire dept. drove by and filled our pool with water, Starbucks gave us free drinks and Dominos even delivered a free pizza. We sat there from about 9am-3pm with our sign that read “ Honk if you like pool parties”  That day was seriously so much fun!  This is a day that will never be forgotten in my book. Great day, with great friends.

This picture was taken when another deputy friend came by to laugh and tell us he was surprised! He later told everyone else, they too were shocked, which means… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!



This was taken right before the local fire dept. came by and filled out pool. Which was wonderful because we were trying to fill it with the gas station hose!


Incase you are wondering this is in the middle of Grand Terrace on the corner of Barton rd and Mt.Vernon. Smile

… and look at those gas prices!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

:: The “B” Family:: Redlands Family Photographer.

I met this amazing family yesterday and I seriously had such a blast taking their pictures. Juliene was one the the winners from my cyber Monday contest. I was excited that she won because my whole purpose to a contest is to meet new people! I still love my “oldie” clients to enter too. It is great to see everyone get competitive.

This was my first session after taking time off and I have to say if felt awesome to be behind the camera, interacting with different people besides my kids! I am a firm, FIRM, believer that everyone needs a little break from your kids! It makes the heart grow fonder♥

I love meeting young couples that  I feel like I could be friends with. Juliene and Dusty are that couple! Very funny, easy going, “Should I have worn a tie?”~ “Why would I have you wear a tie?” type of people? hehe. It is obvious they love the kids very much, and since they are at a similar age to my kids we are pretty much going through similar things. Little miss “B” wanted nothing to do with me at first. She was a hard shell to crack. Little Mr. B on the other hand was easy to crack and then he warmed right up. To top of this great session the weather was PERFECT. It got a little warm towards the end. But it was beautiful outside.

Thanks again “B” family. It was wonderful meeting you.

{ update: Mrs. B e-mailed me the other morning stating she had won a contest for a free 8x10 canvas photo from Canvas To Art  and she wanted it to be one of my pictures. How exciting. I am so glad I know at least one picture will be hung up.. ;)   }

Bubeck2010Jan_0029-1Bubeck2010Jan_0066 copyBubeck2010Jan_0070Bubeck2010Jan_0038-1Bubeck2010Jan_0197Bubeck2010Jan_0208-1Bubeck2010Jan_0231-1                    Bubeck2010Jan_0238-1Bubeck2010Jan_0389-1Bubeck2010Jan_0395-1