Friday, February 25, 2011

::Flashback Friday::

It has been awhile since I posted a flash back Friday and this week I wasn’t sure what route I wanted to take. Personal or Photography. Photography crossed my mind because I have been updating my web-site this week and when I was looking at all of the old pictures some of them made me cringe. I felt bad for some of my first clients. What was I thinking when I took those pictures? Oh yea! I wasn’t I had no clue what I was doing. Sad to say but very honest and true. I have heard from a lot of people lately, they are so happy with my work and how far I have come. I honestly didn’t know what they were talking about until I was going through all of the pictures and now I get it! wow! I am sure glad I practiced a lot and put everything I had into this because it is paying off and I am soooo excited to learn that much more and get that much better. That is the one thing about photography I love. The possibilities are endless and there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

So with that being said. I am posting a picture from three years ago.. Oh man, I really cannot believe I am doing this because it is a horrible picture. I love my nephews and niece but I slaughtered their beautiful eyes with my editing and the light is just ALL wrong. There are so many things wrong with this picture, I could go on and on..

So please remember THREE YEARS AGO I took this.


Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

::Travis+Katie:: E-session:

I am so happy for these two. Katie is like family so I feel like my sister is getting married and could not be more ecstatic she found such an awesome guy. When I take pictures of people I have to watch their every move and then when I am editing I tend to see things a little different. I love to look at a picture and find the “meaning” in it. When I was editing these pictures it made me like Travis that much more because I just adore the way he looks at Katie. When these two look at each other you can just see the love between them and how much the long to be together. When Katie makes her funny faces he just smiles. Travis had about one facial expression during the whole shoot which worked for me but it was great when I got him to laugh to see his wonderful smile. I cannot wait for their wedding later this year. I know Katie is going to look stunning but what I really can’t wait for is the In & Out they are getting for the reception. Plus, I get to attend the wedding as a guest which will be totally fun. I love you Katie and I couldn’t be more happy for you and Travis.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

:: Sean & Lisa:: Maternity Session:

I was so excited when Lisa called me to take their maternity pictures I haven’t seen her in years and I had never met Sean so it was great to catch up and take pictures along the way. We went to UCR Botanic gardens which I had never shot at before but I instantly feel in love with this place. It is gorgeous inside. Lisa probably thought I was crazy for getting so excited over her beautiful belly. I only wish I look half as good as she does pregnant. It fits her well, plus she has had an almost “perfect” pregnancy with no sickness or pain. Talk about one lucky girl.

I am positive her and Sean will be wonderful parents and this little boy is going to be spoiled.  I cannot wait for this little guy to enter the world and capture every moment.

McCann2011Feb_0129McCann2011Feb_0182     McCann2011Feb_0113McCann2011Feb_0285-1McCann2011Feb_0193McCann2011Feb_0328-1

::The {F} Family::

Ahh Another one of my cyber Monday winners. I am not ashamed to say I am so glad they won. I didn’t know Sarah until the day I took their pictures but once I met her I felt like I have known her for years. I find it funny how God can bring people in your life and you just know they are a “fit”. Our kids are similar ages and when I watched her son run around, throw rocks and count out of order it reminded me of Logan a year ago. You can just tell this family loves each other and loves God. They work as a team and that was really neat to watch and be a part of. I cannot wait to see them again, and hopefully have our kids play together.


:: The {C} Family::

I love when I can meet amazing families and the {C} family made that list for sure. Mama C is expecting another little boy in April and with a total of two boys I am sure she will have her hands full. Since Papa {C} is a football coach I am pretty sure they are going to have some athletes in their family. I really enjoyed talking with them and watching them interact with their son, who never stopped moving. I think that has been a trend lately, kids are always on the go, go go. After we got some family pictures out of the way I took mama and we took some pictures of just her. I am loving all of these pregnant bellies. These woman are so beautiful.

Crane2011Feb_0141Crane2011Feb_0204            Crane2011Feb_0237Crane2011Feb_0402Crane2011Feb_0447-1Crane2011Feb_0459-1Crane2011Feb_0466 copy


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

::Shannon + Chris :: E-Session

Shannon is one of my dear friend’s daughter. I have know her mom for the last sever years so for the last sever years I have seen/heard about Shannon growing into this beautiful young woman who will be graduating from UCLA where she also met her wonderful fiancĂ© Chris.  They met her freshman year through a church gathering and basically hit it off from there. I had never been to the UCLA campus and to be honest I never had the desire to go because I am USC fan, for life! But let me tell you how beautiful this campus is. I fell in love walking around. Shannon and Chris took me to all the places that had meaning to them on campus and also all of the best spots for pictures. One of the places we went into was the library which is gorgeous, but if you know me, you know that it was a hard task for me to be quiet in that place. :) I could go on and on about these two. Every time they look at each other their faces light up, and when they look into each others eyes they can’t help but smile. I felt honored to be in the presence to be able to capture the love between the two of them. I wish them nothing but happiness in their long life together. 

Oh, and we also went to CafĂ© 50’s which is down there near the campus and I totally recommend it if you are in the area. They have 48 different milk shakes on their menu and the diner is decorated so neat!

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:: The Fry Family::

Jenny was another winner from cyber Monday and I really enjoyed meeting them. Come to find out three out of the four people that won were friends, so it was really neat to meet all them. Jenny has a daughter who I think might have more energy than my Logan. Ok, maybe not more, but I am sure they could keep up with each other. She had the funniest things to say. I couldn’t keep her attention for long so I had to work fast. They also have a cute little boy who just goes with the flow. Although he is too young to crawl or do much right now I am sure Jenny and David are going to have their hands full with these two. Thank you again for having me take your pictures.

Fry2011Feb_0226Fry2011Feb_0114-1Fry2011Feb_0123-1Fry2011Feb_0207           Fry2011Feb_0521Fry2011Feb_0579