Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Session :: Charbonneau’s

This is my family. Well, my sis n law and her hubby and kiddos. We took these down in San Diego at Sunset Cliffs.  We go down there often and the weather is always so beautiful. Of course the day we decide to take pictures it is like a hurricane outside. It rained most of the day and the wind was out of control. They were troopers though and we pulled it off. Not as nice as we would have liked but that is just how it all played out.

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0019SanDiego_2009 11 28_0028

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0051   SanDiego_2009 11 28_0056

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0073-2

       SanDiego_2009 11 28_0243

SanDiego_2009 11 28_00831 We attempted to get a picture with all the grandkids, but when one had just stopped crying and the other was trying to wiggle out of arms, it doesn’t go over too well. (p.s. those were my kids!)

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0126

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0212

SanDiego_2009 11 28_0253-BLK

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