Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maternity Session :: Ryan & Ali

On Sunday I has the pleasure of meeting this wonderful couple. I really enjoyed the time it took to take their pictures, and I am pretty sure they are going to have one gorgeous  little girl! Ryan stated from the get go that he is a photographers nightmare and none have liked him, which I thought was funny because he did fine. On Sunday the pollen levels were double ( yes I checked… I was coming off a week long sinus infection) so that made for some watery eyes and itchy noses, but we managed to get some wonderful pictures. I cannot wait to work with these two again.


MaakestadMaakestad.March2010_0036                 Maakestad.March2010_0105




Maakestad.March2010_0263               Maakestad.March2010_0139




Thank you again Ryan and Ali.

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