Tuesday, August 31, 2010

::Art Show:: Paragon Tattoo:

My great, great friend Julius Vargas put on a wonderful art show at his tattoo studio in Grand Terrace. There was so much awesome art there it was hard to decide who had the best. Great people came out and all in all it was a wonderful night. I was able to meet some really neat people and enjoy a night out.

Paragon2010Aug_0313 Paragon2010Aug_0006 Paragon2010Aug_0013 Paragon2010Aug_0014 Paragon2010Aug_0023  Paragon2010Aug_0032Paragon2010Aug_0029 Paragon2010Aug_0037

Winner Winner. By “Kristan” 


Paragon2010Aug_0040 Paragon2010Aug_0047

Paragon2010Aug_0103 Paragon2010Aug_0149 Paragon2010Aug_0163 Paragon2010Aug_0168


And this folks is Julius…. One of my most greatest friends…who does some awesome tattoos, if you ask me.

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