Tuesday, August 31, 2010

::Maternity Session::

Awww.. This is my wonderful best friend in the whole world Kalin. I am so excited we will have children only months apart from each other. I hope they can grow up together like we did.


 Spencer2010Aug_0005 Spencer2010Aug_0025-1 Spencer2010Aug_0039-2 Spencer2010Aug_0101-1Spencer2010Aug_0372 Spencer2010Aug_0144 Spencer2010Aug_0157-1 Spencer2010Aug_0206-1  Spencer2010Aug_0285-1Spencer2010Aug_0335

::Beach Session::

I have known Kristen for several years. She was my neighbor in grade school. I don’t think I have seen her since High School so it was nice to meet her spunky, full of life, daughter and catch up.

Reimer2010Aug_0287-1 Reimer2010Aug_0290 Reimer2010Aug_0306-1 Reimer2010Aug_0061-1 Reimer2010Aug_0088-1 Reimer2010Aug_0111 Reimer2010Aug_0140-2  Reimer2010Aug_0179-2

::Boudoir Session::

  just one…



::Art Show:: Paragon Tattoo:

My great, great friend Julius Vargas put on a wonderful art show at his tattoo studio in Grand Terrace. There was so much awesome art there it was hard to decide who had the best. Great people came out and all in all it was a wonderful night. I was able to meet some really neat people and enjoy a night out.

Paragon2010Aug_0313 Paragon2010Aug_0006 Paragon2010Aug_0013 Paragon2010Aug_0014 Paragon2010Aug_0023  Paragon2010Aug_0032Paragon2010Aug_0029 Paragon2010Aug_0037

Winner Winner. By “Kristan” 


Paragon2010Aug_0040 Paragon2010Aug_0047

Paragon2010Aug_0103 Paragon2010Aug_0149 Paragon2010Aug_0163 Paragon2010Aug_0168


And this folks is Julius…. One of my most greatest friends…who does some awesome tattoos, if you ask me.

::Family Session::

I had so much fun with this family. I met them out at Red Hill Park in Rancho. I told them their cheeks would hurt at the end from smiling but MY cheeks hurt probably more than theirs. They are hilarious and had me laughing the whole time. Talk about a close family. Watching how they all interacted with each other makes me want that so bad for my little family. You could feel the love just being around them.

  Willingham2010Aug-68 Willingham2010Aug-96Willingham2010Aug-416 Willingham2010Aug-126Willingham2010Aug-360 Willingham2010Aug-163 Willingham2010Aug-169 Willingham2010Aug-187  Willingham2010Aug-328 Willingham2010Aug-198Willingham2010Aug-344

::Newborn:: 9 Day old Remy:

I have been friends with Amy’s sister for a long time. She just happens to be a an ultrasound tech, so when I was pregnant with Bailey she scanned me all the time and she was the one who told me my sweet baby was a little girl. I couldn’t be more grateful for all her time spent with me. So to return the favor I took pictures of her oh so sweet baby girl.. She was 9 days old and beautiful.


Remy2010Aug_0050Remy2010Aug_0023  Remy2010Aug_0059 Remy2010Aug_0089-1 Remy2010Aug_0108-2 Remy2010Aug_0132-1 Remy2010Aug_0156