Thursday, September 30, 2010

::Lake Gregory:: 4 Families

I met Emily a couple months ago and then she asked me to come up to them to take family pictures. She said she would make it worth the trip and she wasn’t kidding. I am so grateful to her for getting me three other families, making a whole day out of me driving up there. All four families were wonderful.

33898_442996090826_114685990826_5127617_3993640_n 33898_442996100826_114685990826_5127619_4096009_n 33898_442996105826_114685990826_5127620_7851313_n  62183_441078000826_114685990826_5090847_1264651_n   62750_442995795826_114685990826_5127608_4651406_n 62750_442995800826_114685990826_5127609_2503156_n 62750_442995805826_114685990826_5127610_3675184_n 62750_442995810826_114685990826_5127611_3218918_n 62750_442995815826_114685990826_5127612_6865411_n       63803_441487720826_114685990826_5096989_3674038_n

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