Thursday, September 30, 2010

::Newborn, 4 days old:: Miss C:

Oh man, I am sooo in love with this little girl and since she is my best friends daughter, she either better be my daughters best friend or Logan’s future wife. Hey, ill even take both. I will make this happen just watch.

    59434_438348115826_114685990826_5032446_4437569_n       61845_438761915826_114685990826_5040013_424061_n       62516_438761740826_114685990826_5040006_4035523_n 62557_438348055826_114685990826_5032444_5187823_n   61500_438353330826_114685990826_5032573_1721249_n62902_438353300826_114685990826_5032572_66130_n

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