Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little Help

Okay everyone… This might be a little bit a of stretch, but it never hurts to ask. And I only need 50 of you to do this.


Have any of you heard of Ebates?? If you shop on-line AT ALL. This is going to help you. When you make any purchase online all you have to do is go through ebates find the store you are wanting to shop at, make your purchase and then you get money back.  For example, I bought some shirts from Gap last week and it was 5% back. I ended up getting around 10.00 I think. SO I will have a check mailed to me in November. Checks go out 3x a year. My last check was 26.00. This is not a scam or any funny business this is the real deal. Look it up and research it if you want. But this is where I want your help. Since my business is doing so well I am having a hard time managing everything. Yes, the business part and keeping my three.. yes THREE hard copies all updated so I would love to get an ipad to help that issue out.

So if 50.. just 50 of you goto this link and sign up OR use my e-mail ( when you sign up.. See painless.



PLEASE HELP.. <--- this is me begging.

you are probably asking.. well what is in it for you.. well if I get 50 people to sign up and get the ipad i will get away 3 yes 3 sessions. So please let me know if you signed up..


Thank you in advance.

Hannah Sons

Yes, this might be tacky but like I said, it never hurts to ask.


Moore Family said...

I signed up :)

Christianne Duarte said...

I signed up...thanks for letting me know about this website, it's cool! Good luck!