Wednesday, January 25, 2012

::A 2012 Goal::

I have been working with, no for, I started Hannah Sons Photography, roughly, in July of 2009. This meant that instead of taking a million pictures of my child I would take pictures of other peoples families and children. In the beginning of 2010 I started charging for my photography. To my amazement and surprise my business and photography has only grown more and more since then. Along with the amazing success of my business, which I never expected to have, I have had many struggles. I have found I am a workaholic, which makes it really hard for me to balance out work, family and life. At times I feel like the ringmaster of a three ring circus, but in reality I am the only one trying to juggle everything. For normal people this might not be hard, but for me, it’s no easy walk in the park. As my business grew more and more and I became more busy with less time, I became that horrible parent that didn’t take pictures of their own children, and totally neglected everyone around me. My camera became my job, it wasn’t something I enjoyed doing anymore, it was something I only did for “work”,  and that’s just being real.

After my last shoot in December I knew I needed to detox. After doing 22 shoots in 30 days, just in November, I was beat, and completely burnt out. So, I took a month to detox. To catch up on life and just breath. It was exactly what I needed. I wanted to fall in love with my camera again, wow, that was cheeeeesssyy. After taking much needed time off I have been itching just to take pictures. I have so many ideas in my head for 2012. I am excited again for what is to come!! But I am also working on balancing my life a bit better. These are the years that I will never get back with my children. I don’t want to wake up one morning and wonder where my babies went. I want to watch them grow, every second of every day.

Starting in the next couple weeks I will be announcing my work hours and when I will be returning e-mails and editing. I will still take shoots any day of the week. I will just have different in office hours.

Without anymore ‘real’ talk.  Here is the SECOND shoot of 2012 for the Sons Clan. Actually, it’s more if just Bailey because Logan wouldn’t listen.. big surprise!


Sons2012Jan_0256  Sons2012Jan_0265 Sons2012Jan_0305 Sons2012Jan_0307 Sons2012Jan_0312

Sons2012Jan_0338Sons2012Jan_0368Sons2012Jan_0382 Sons2012Jan_0383Sons2012Jan_0394Sons2012Jan_0405 Sons2012Jan_0424


Sons2012Jan_0444 Sons2012Jan_0459Sons2012Jan_0478

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fran said...

Ahhh you're amazing girl! And I love the kids pictures, they are freakin adorable :)