Monday, January 16, 2012

Mini Sessions…

As much as I wanted to take January off, and at times felt like I was holding my breath for some time off I cannot wait to start shooting again. I have tried using my children as models but they aren’t going for it. Soon they might start protesting. For the sake of saving them from their pestering mother I am giving away the bank. Ok, well not really but I am giving you super duper deal you cannot pass up. . .  Discounted mini sessions for the month of January and February. Session will only take place on a Monday or Friday and will take place at various locations in Reche Canyon. If you are not familiar with Reche Canyon it is more of a rustic feel. Green hills, brown weeds, broken fences, ya know, the stuff I love!!!

If you are interested please e-mail me for some more details and the dates you prefer.

mini sess jan

Ondatje2011Aug_0104    Rutland2011Oct_0128      Thompson2011March_0271 Seghers2011Aug_0110   Sons2012Jan_0013



All pictures taken in Reche Canyon.

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