Monday, March 19, 2012

:: Miss C | ONE year ::

I cannot believe this little girl is turning a year old. I feel like it was just yesterday I was taking her newborn pictures.  I really thought I would have had an easier time taking her pictures since I do see her sometimes. Boy was I wrong! She didn’t care for me or my tricks one bit. We met the first day and realized we had one tired little girl on our hands. If you know me, you know I am all about my little ones and working around them. There is no need to stress over a cranky baby because most likely that will only make it worse. So they came back the next day and Miss C was in a better mood but she could still care less about me.

These are the sessions that make me think, make me work for it, and sometimes make me wonder what I am doing wrong if I can’t get a one year old to like me! But most of the time, these are my favorite sessions. I have to push myself to get every facial expression instead of waiting for those smiles. I have to let them get mad because sometimes their angry faces look like smiles, and most of all I just have to let them be. If I let them be and let them take the lead I can just follow and capture it. Wow, kind of sounds more like life advice than a photography blog, if ya ask me. . .

I cannot wait to see Miss C again, and I can only hope she will be happy to see me.


Thompson2012March_0018  Thompson2012March_0093






Thompson2012March_0375  Thompson2012March_0391   Thompson2012March_0406


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milsztof said...

What a great photography. The Little Being look so cute.