Saturday, March 24, 2012

:: Miss M | six months :: .Anaheim Hills Children's photographer.

I love these kids! I have been taking pictures of Mr. M since he was three months old. I have this little guy so trained that he now wants me to take his picture, and even jumped in his sisters shot a couple times. We were scheduled to just take Miss M pictures but I would say their parents lucked out with two happy, smiling, picture loving kids.

I am in love with Oak Canyon Nature Center, in Anaheim Hills,  and knew it would be the perfect mid-way spot for us to meet, all we had to worry about was beating the rain. Luckily, that was all we had to worry about since we had two of the happiest kids. Miss M was all smiles with the occasional hiccups. Any place I would sit her she would look up with a big grin ear to ear instantly. It really doesn’t get much better than that, and that hardly ever happens. If she needed a minute to re-group her brother was ready and eager to step in with his smiles.

I am thankful for meeting such wonderful people three years ago wanting me to capture their brand new little boy. I am even more thankful and honored they have stuck with me for the last three years. It has been amazing watching their little boy grow and meeting their beautiful daughter who I can now capture childhood with.


Terjung2012March_0071 Terjung2012March_0054

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