Wednesday, June 1, 2011

::Senior | Joy:: {Redlands Senior Photographer}

Joy and Nicole are best friends, so I was happy when Nicole sent Joy my way for her senior pictures. We met in Redlands on one of those cool, overcast afternoons, and if you know me you know I LOVE me some overcast skies!  If everyday was overcast I would be in heaven, those clouds create perfect lighting for anywhere! I knew Joy had a Cello that she wanted to bring,  and I had the perfect spot in mind, but I didn’t know how to pronounce Cello. Maybe that is sad to admit, but very true, I thought it was a C-lo. I guess I just say it like I see it. ; ) Joy is a very talented young girl, and super fun to be around. She plays the cello and also bass guitar ( I think it was base?) I would love to have some talent like that, and be able to sing also.. I'm pretty sure that isn’t asking for too much, right? So since I had the perfect sky, we drove to a couple different places in Redlands and snapped away.

Rittenhouse2011_0008       Rittenhouse2011_0014Rittenhouse2011_0115Rittenhouse2011_0141     Rittenhouse2011_0147Rittenhouse2011_0251Rittenhouse2011_0280    Rittenhouse2011_0294Rittenhouse2011_0376

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