Monday, June 6, 2011

:: Paige & Parker ::

Where do I even begin. I enjoy all of my sessions and all of my clients, but this session was so much fun. Not only the session, but everything I did with these photos just made it that much better.

Christina contacted me a couple weeks ago to get wedding and engagement prices since she will be getting married next year. I e-mailed her back and quickly got a response asking if I was available the Thursday that was coming up. I has already booked a session for that day but I wanted to hear what she was needing. Christina just happens to be the best friend ever. Her best friend, Kristin was on a “get away” vacation with her mom. Kristin’s husband had a meeting at  work so they asked Christina to watch their kids for a couple hours. This is when Christina got the greatest idea ever and contacted me. She asked if I could take pictures of her best friends kids so she could give them as a gift. If you know me, you know I love sneaky, spy missions, I think I was a ninja in a past life, and since it needed to be earlier in the day I was still able to make my other session so of course I said yes!

Christina thought this would be the P-E-R-F-E-C-T gift for her best friend and I couldn’t have agreed more!

Since we had a time frame of when things had to be done so no one would find out I thought UCR Botanic gardens would be a perfect spot since the trees block majority of the harsh sun in the middle of the day.

When I first arrived Paige wanted nothing to do with me and Parker was all smiles. It took about five minutes for Paige to warm up to me and once that happened it was all down hill from there. I love these kids! They were so easy and fun. I had such a great time with these two and it only took an hour, if that.

When I was editing these pictures it was like I fell in love over and over with each image, and they are not even my children. I couldn’t have been more please with the final result. Luckily, Christina felt the same way so I made her a book to give to Kristin and she ordered two 16x20 prints on the styrene print.

I met Christina earlier today to give her the book along with the large prints. She drove directly to Kristin's house to present her the amazing gift she has been keeping a secret for two weeks. The last couple hours I have been waiting for a text to hear how Kristin responded and well, I’ll let her tell you herself .. ( pulled from my facebook page) “The pictures turned out AMAZING!! I don't even have words to express all the emotions I felt when I opened up the box, needless to say, I BURST into TEARS!!!”

I am thrilled that Kristin loved her gift. I think she probably has one of the greatest, most selfless friends in the whole world. It has been the best experience to work with Christina and help her create the greatest gift anyone could receive. She was able to give Kristin a priceless gift of her children. A gift that will last a lifetime. A gift that will turn into a collection. . .








Her are a couple pages from the book. {sorry the lighting in my house is horrible, I promise the look much better in person. If you would like to see, just ask me, I have my OWN copy of these two lovely children}




I am often asked about the styrene print so I figured I would take a picture so you can have a better idea. If you order a print 8x10 or larger from me I put it on a 2mm styrene board. I think larger prints look much better on the styrene plus it protects your print from being bent or crinkled. These prints are both 16x20, which is probably my favorite size.


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