Saturday, June 11, 2011

::Hannah | ONE year::

I always get excited to see Hannah and her sister Hailey. They are two of the sweetest girls and so easy to work with. Hannah has the most gorgeous piercing blues eyes that anyone would die for. Any color or outfit her mom puts on her brings out her eyes and then when she smiles it is hard for your heart not to melt. Hannah wasn’t walking yet when we took these pictures so that made it easy to sit her down and capture every move and smile she made. Hannah’s dad is one of our amazing military men who is overseas right now. They will be leaving later this month to move to Florida where they will now be stationed, so hopefully I will be able to see these two lovely girls soon, with of course their, super strong, amazing mom that I take my hat off to for raising two lovely girls while your husband fights for our country. It takes a special person to be able to sacrifice your spouse for all of us. I thank you.  

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