Saturday, June 11, 2011

::Senior | Tyler:: {Colton Senior Photographer}

Tyler was the first senior I had photographed from Colton High. All the others were mainly from Redlands and Rev, so I didn’t want to take Tyler to any of the normal spots I tend to go with all the other seniors. I figured it would be best if I picked him and his mom up from there house and then we would just “wing it” through Colton and Grand Terrace. I had a couple of spots I had been wanting to try out but the opportunity never had come up. So I used Tyler as my guinea pig and he did a wonderful job. What 17 year old boy wants to get their picture taken? Not many! This is why I try to make it fun and go places I know they are {hopefully} going to feel comfortable, at least a little.  Heck, if he had it his way, we would have gone down to Wal-Mart. ;) hehe

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