Thursday, April 19, 2012

:: B + K .Save the Date. ::

This shoot had been planned for weeks. I was excited to see what Kim had come up with. She has this creative jean I would cut my pinky toe off for (maybe). For a moment I though this shoot wasn’t going to happen, due to my dog going into labor a couple hours before their shoot, I started to panic. Getting these two people off on the same day, along with my schedule isn't the easiest thing. I did some praying and a lot of letting go, and all is well.. who would have thought!

Kim and l, both had the same idea for a location, we just didn’t realize we would have so much fun. There was a scavenger hunt involved, Heavy lifting, a kangaroo rat, a breeze we didn’t anticipate and to finish it off railroad track grease, everywhere!  Sounds fun right!?! It totally was, and what made it even better was to be with two great people. There are no words for Brian and Kim besides happiness. These two people are perfect for each other, end.of.story. I could go on and on but that would just embarrass Brian, and who wants to embarrass the guy who just bowled a 300 annnd got a bad a$$ ring for it. . . Not me!

Keep your eyes open for more of these two later this year!




Seghers2012April_0075  Seghers2012April_0083

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