Monday, April 30, 2012

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It was a warm evening with a slight breeze. We had mapped out a couple locations around Redlands in hopes of finding some beautiful light and creating some good times. I was thrilled when Sondra asked me to take her maternity pictures. I have known Sondra for years, and  yet, had only heard wonderful things about Tommy. It was nice to finally put a face to name that I had heard so much about.

I met Sondra working at Loma Linda University Medical Center, Tommy also works  at the hospital and  is attending University of Redlands for a business major. As we drove around on our location adventure I asked Tommy what his end goal was with his business classes, and what type of job he would like to have along with what is his dream job. It didn’t take long for Tommy to answer back with a simple but heartfelt “ My dream would be to have a good enough job so Cassondra could stay home with our kids”  When Tommy spoke those words, my heart became mush for them. There is no better answer than that. There is no better choice than that! When you come to that point in life where you stop living for yourself and start living for others is the moment you become a better person. I have no doubt Sondra and Tommy are going to make the most amazing parents. These two are adorable together. There were several times I asked different things of them and without even looking at one another they would react the same, or give the same facial expressions. It was fun to watch them interact with each other and the softness between them.

This little girl they are expecting is very lucky to have two wonderful people as her parents. The only thing we shall ask of her is to stay inside until her due date and stop giving her mom so many problems.


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