Sunday, April 15, 2012

These are the memories. . .

A new week is coming and I am thrilled. This last week was rough with little Miss Bailey Boo … My almost two year old is teething, and it hasn’t been fun. I have a love hate relationship with teething. It sucks to see your kids in pain and miserable. At times you feel helpless, because let’s face it there isn’t a whole lot you can do. And you might think you kid is bi-polar while teething, one minute they are happy playing all alone and the next, it is like a living monster trying to climb your leg just so you’ll hold them. Which brings me to the love, and then love-hate again. I LOVE, love, love, the cuddles. Oh my! When they just want to lay there on your chest like a limp piece of lettuce and not move.. It’s like a little piece of heaven is here on earth. And then to look down and see they have fallen asleep.. ahhhh It’s that moment you dreamt about as a little girl. It’s what you thought parenthood would be all about, the love, the cuddles, laying on the couch not doing a thing but making your child feel better every second of the day….. AND THEN.. reality hits when they start squirming to get comfortable, crying in-between each move, and you remember you have laundry in piles everywhere, dishes and in the sick, dust multiplying by the second OHHH, and another child that hasn’t had lunch yet and is currently yelling on the toilet for you to wipe his behind! Yes. this is life with a teething child. I wish I could say I won’t miss these days, but I WILL miss these days.  Knowing Bailey is the last, I want to savor each little moment  of these times. Any minute my kids want to cuddle I’ll take. Logan is just now entering the ‘I wipe off all your kisses’ stage and I have to pretend it’s not killing me….. so here’s to hoping that will end soon.  And here’s to hoping for a better week, with no teething issues.

Happy Sunday from the Sons…





They are my EVERYTHING.

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