Tuesday, April 10, 2012

:: My Oldest Client::

As I was editing today I totally got side tracked and had to search for all of the pictures I have taken of this little girl. She is my oldest client! Oldest meaning longest, as in since the beginning!!! That’s right, I have been taking her pictures since Nov of 2009! Her family was one of my FIRST clients,  I am so thankful for them and their continued support throughout the years.

I love that I have been given this opportunity to watch this little girl grow. It has been such an honor to watch those little blonde ringlets get longer and those eyes sparkle brighter each time I see her. I know that each time we meet it will take at least fifteen minutes for her to warm up to fact we are taking pictures. And for me to get smiles and the real her, I need to be quick on my feet and pull out all of my game playing tricks. She isn’t an easy one at times, but hard work is worth the reward. She is gorgeous and so full of life! Last year Miss J welcomed a brother. So now we have started another chapter with another kid and started at newborn with this one. I cannot wait to see what’s to come with this family.

I just wanted to give Miss Jolee and her family a special THANKS! Thank you for having me capture your family for the last 2.5 years.

          Rutland_2009 11 15_0100 1Rutland_2009 11 15_0139

Rutland2010Nov_0130        Ramirez2011April_0466-1   Ramirez2011April_0467          Ramirez2011April_0175Ramirez2011April_0463Rutland2011July_0015

Rutland2011July_0027 Rutland2011July_0031Rutland2011July_0077




       Rutland2011July_0263  Rutland2011July_0273Rutland2011July_0292


    Rutland2011Nov_0558  Rutland2011Oct_0119



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