Monday, April 23, 2012

:: The Stockman Family :: Redlands Family Photographer

It was a blazing hot April evening. We met at five and Im pretty sure it was still 90 degrees out. We had decided to meet at one of my favorite go-to spots. A spot that used to be my little secret. It’s a place where normally you are the only person there and sometimes that can get a little creepy. That was not the case on this day. As we arrived a wedding was just finishing up. The parking lot was full and there was people everyone. So many people that the Stockton family thought they were in the wrong place!

Once the wedding party dispersed we had the place all to ourselves. It was still warm out but the lighting was perfect. In the back of my mind all I could think about was one thing, snakes! This little spot is perfect for snakes, everywhere. As we were talking and laughing I threw in my normal “ hey, watch for snakes, it’s that time of year, don’t be alarmed… I just want us to be aware, yada  yada, yada.” and we continued walking down the path.

If you haven't met the Stockman Family, you are missing out. These eight people are hilarious and so much fun to be around. They are the type of people you instantly feel at home with. Listening to them harp on each other and laugh just made me want to be invited to their Thanksgiving dinner. Im sure there is never a dull moment with this bunch.  Dad really wanted some pictures on the little bridge. Once we got down there I realized I forgot my reflector so I took off running up the path. If you know me, you know I don’t run! As I was running, I was just concentrating on not falling. On my way back down the path I took it slower, mainly because I was out of breath. I was skipping down the path when I came to a screeching halt, screamed a little,  and took three giant steps back from the HUGE garter snake that was laying across the path. Some might say, oh it was just a garter snake, it can do you no harm, they are good snakes.. no, no, no, ewwww nooo I don’t like snakes.. sorry…. ewww.

Luckily for us the snake decided to go up into the hills and we were able to continue on with our normal rowdiness selves. And every time I took a step I was looking for another snake, which secretly gave me the eby jeebies.

I couldn’t have been more please with our final product. Thank you Stockton family for a very entertaining evening.




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