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::Your Investment::

Payment in full is due the day of your session. Most sessions last around two hours. I like to start all sessions two hours before sunset.

•    Pictures will be edited and sent to you within 14 business days.
•    For most sessions, unless stated otherwise, you will receive a minimum of 50 edited low resolution images with copyright release. good for printing 4x6.
•    Files are archived (saved in our database) for up to ONE year, thereafter they are removed and no longer available for purchase or viewing, unless contacted before the year is up and arrangements are made.
•    We accept payment in the terms of:  Cash /Check/credit  or PayPal.

You will be given a password with an on-line gallery for you, family/friends to view and make any print purchases of 5x7 and larger.

If you would like your cd to come with High resolution images it is $75.00.



I want to capture the “real” you.  Your real smile, your real body language, the way you really are. During the session I want to have your family or children doing what they love and capturing every laugh and smile.

Session: $200.00
-This includes time and talent of photographer
-Locations of your choice
-Minimum of 50 professionally edited images on a CD with Copyright release.

Custom Albums - Call or e-mail for pricing.

Engagement sessions are included in all wedding packages. If you would like to just book just an engagement session without booking us for your wedding, that is perfectly fine.

Session - $200.00
-This includes time and talent of photographer
-Locations of your choice
-Minimum of 50 professionally edited images on a CD with Copyright release.
- one 16x20 print mounted on styrene

Something new, something fresh. we work for you. I have paired up with Becky Hales Photography for weddings. So you are getting two great photographers for one price.
Please contact for more information on wedding prices and collections.
Wedding Collections start at $1,895.

No more of the same old pose in that same old studio. Let's get out there so you can express yourself and show the world who you are!

Senior Session- $240.00
-Includes the time and talent of photographer
-Locations of your choice
-As many wardrobe changes as you need
-56 wallets. two 5x7 & two 8x10.
-Minimum of 50 professionally edited photos on a CD with copyright release.

High Resolution cd 100.00

...Birth Photography...
One of the most important days in your life is the birth of your child. This is both a very personal and emotional experience, one at which I can capture perfectly for you
I worked on a Labor and Delivery unit for a little over five years. I am very comfortable in labor and delivery situations and have NO judgments with whatever way you decided to deliver.
There are many times when we want our spouse or family member to capture this amazing day but when the time comes they are too excited to get the perfect shot. My work in this area is extremely tasteful, and captures a day that can never be relived. I sit in the background snapping away and you won't even know I'm there.  Please contact for price

...Newborn Sessions...
Normally takes place at your home within the first 10 days of life unless other arrangements are made or discussed. Newborn sessions normally last 1-3 hours. I like to allow enough time for feedings, soothing, and whatever else might arise. With newborns I offer a minimum of 25 pictures on a cd with the copyright release.  I also can also create your birth announcement for an additional 25.00.

Newborn Session -$200.00

...Belly-Birth-Newborn Collection...  If you are looking for Maternity Pictures, Birthing Pictures and then also Newborn pictures. This package will be $525.00 if booked together. If you are not interested in Birth Photography and would just like Maternity and Newborn Pictures the package cost will be $350.00.  {please note I like to take newborn pictures within the first 10 days of life when your baby is still very sleepy and flexible}

...Maternity-One year Collection... This collection includes Maternity.(birth).newborn.4mo.8mo.One year.
With Birth -$1100.00
Without Birth $900.00

...Newborn- ONE year Collection... $650.00 newborn.4mo-8mo- One year.


Photos A La Carte...
5x7 - $10.00
8x10 - $15.00
11x14 - $30.00
16x20 - $40.00
20x24 - $45.00
20x30 - $50.00
8 Wallets - $10.00
all prints 8x10 and larger come with lustre print on styrene mount.

available textures are:
Linen, Pebble, and Embassy



After lots of thought I have decided to change a couple things. Starting July 1st when you get your CD of images they will be low resolution images. This means that you can print a 4x6 a still have a great looking picture. If you are looking for prints larger than a 4x6 you will be able to purchase all of those through me at a great price, and all of my prints come on a styrene mount.  

Every professional photographer receives this question from a client at one point or another: “What is the difference between your prints and the prints I get at the local one-hour photo?” The simple answer to this is everything!  Not all prints are created equal. When you take your pictures to a print retailer who caters to the public (target, wal-mart, costco, ect..) they operate with the “quantity, not quality” business model. They turn down their color vibrance and saturation setting to maximize their output of pictures.  This results in inaccurate colors from how the photographer actually intended the image to print. Blacks tend to not be true black, greens tend to be on the yellow side, and flesh tones are often overly pink or orange. Black-and-white images see the most trouble with inaccuracies because special materials and processes are required to print a true black-and-white image correctly. The materials are also different. The discount labs usually use thinner, lower quality papers than a professional lab.

When you order a large print from a local retailer, it does not look how I intended it to look and that is a reflection of my work. I take pride in all of the work I do and I want the prints you put up in your home to reflect that.  Through a professional photo lab custom prints are made with archival quality materials, including the highest grade photographic papers, and are also individually printed and calibrated to the photographers’ specific color standards.

Each day our society becomes more and more digital. I want to be able to always give my clients their pictures on a disc to keep forever, but I also want my clients to only have the best, and I feel this is the best way to do that.

With photography, nothing rings truer than the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Therefore, I invest in my products so that my clients benefit from the best quality and value available for their own investment.


If you would like your cd to come with High resolution images it is $75.00.



Because everything is better with a picture. . .

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