Tuesday, February 22, 2011

:: The Fry Family::

Jenny was another winner from cyber Monday and I really enjoyed meeting them. Come to find out three out of the four people that won were friends, so it was really neat to meet all them. Jenny has a daughter who I think might have more energy than my Logan. Ok, maybe not more, but I am sure they could keep up with each other. She had the funniest things to say. I couldn’t keep her attention for long so I had to work fast. They also have a cute little boy who just goes with the flow. Although he is too young to crawl or do much right now I am sure Jenny and David are going to have their hands full with these two. Thank you again for having me take your pictures.

Fry2011Feb_0226Fry2011Feb_0114-1Fry2011Feb_0123-1Fry2011Feb_0207           Fry2011Feb_0521Fry2011Feb_0579

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