Tuesday, February 22, 2011

::The Knight Family::

Toni was one of my winners from cyber Monday back in November. I have worked with this family before, and when they are all together it is pretty fun to watch them interact and hear the jokes that Zack comes up with. Keith and Toni have been together for thirty years so they wanted to incorporate something fun into the pictures to represent that. I have now taken pictures of Sarah, Daniel and the boys since 2007 so I always love seeing them and seeing how much the boys have grown.

Congrats on Thirty years Keith and Toni. I truly hope I am there one day with Wes.

Knight2011Jan_0017-1Knight2011Jan_0192 copyKnight2011Jan_0362Knight2011Jan_0441Knight2011Jan_05051Knight2011Jan_0662-1Knight2011Jan_0733

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