Thursday, February 24, 2011

::Travis+Katie:: E-session:

I am so happy for these two. Katie is like family so I feel like my sister is getting married and could not be more ecstatic she found such an awesome guy. When I take pictures of people I have to watch their every move and then when I am editing I tend to see things a little different. I love to look at a picture and find the “meaning” in it. When I was editing these pictures it made me like Travis that much more because I just adore the way he looks at Katie. When these two look at each other you can just see the love between them and how much the long to be together. When Katie makes her funny faces he just smiles. Travis had about one facial expression during the whole shoot which worked for me but it was great when I got him to laugh to see his wonderful smile. I cannot wait for their wedding later this year. I know Katie is going to look stunning but what I really can’t wait for is the In & Out they are getting for the reception. Plus, I get to attend the wedding as a guest which will be totally fun. I love you Katie and I couldn’t be more happy for you and Travis.

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