Wednesday, February 23, 2011

:: The {C} Family::

I love when I can meet amazing families and the {C} family made that list for sure. Mama C is expecting another little boy in April and with a total of two boys I am sure she will have her hands full. Since Papa {C} is a football coach I am pretty sure they are going to have some athletes in their family. I really enjoyed talking with them and watching them interact with their son, who never stopped moving. I think that has been a trend lately, kids are always on the go, go go. After we got some family pictures out of the way I took mama and we took some pictures of just her. I am loving all of these pregnant bellies. These woman are so beautiful.

Crane2011Feb_0141Crane2011Feb_0204            Crane2011Feb_0237Crane2011Feb_0402Crane2011Feb_0447-1Crane2011Feb_0459-1Crane2011Feb_0466 copy


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