Wednesday, February 9, 2011

:: Baby Brockton :: One Month

I was so excited to meet this little boy last week. I have been friends with his mom for several years,  since around third grade, I think. We have been through a lot together throughout our friendship so I was so happy for her when she announced she was expecting last year. I think what made her news super exciting was that she found a wonderful man to call her husband and to have this wonderful little boy with. I can’t help but feel such joy for my friends when they enter parenthood. There is something so special about bringing a child into this world. I think I feel hope when a new baby is born. Hope that our next generation will only be better than we are. Then I feel excitement. I am so excited to see how OUR children will grow up and what kind of ruckus they will cause like we did, only we pretty much did it all so I don’t think they will be getting away with much.

Congrats Linds. I am so excited for you and your future with your family. You truly look happy and that makes me happy. ; )


His Dad is a Marine, if you couldn’t guess.

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