Tuesday, February 22, 2011

:: E-Session:: Eric & Jessica:: { Redlands Engagement Photographer}

I was so happy when Jessica contacted me to take her engagement pictures. From her e-mails she seemed like a pretty cool girl and I would have to say my instincts were right! I knew I loved this couple when I had asked why they were in Vegas the day before and they answered it was to see Social Distortion; One of my all time favorite bands, who are also amazing to see live!

Believe it or not, these two were set up by their parents. Jessica had been dating someone when her mom told her she had to meet her friends son. Jessica said as soon as she saw Eric she just had to meet him. They met and pretty much have been together ever since.

They are so cute together. I don’t think they stopped smiling the whole time we were together. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in May. Not only is it going to be beautiful, I have a feeling it was be a great time!

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