Monday, January 31, 2011

:: I ♥ Faces:: Best Face::

This week at I♥faces it’s the people’s choice awards and the topic is best face.
The picture has to be from January. So I picked Bailey’s picture. I just love it. You see a smile, but you don’t see her mouth. She smiles with her whole face and that is why I love this picture. For the most part I am trying to use all of my personal pictures for I♥faces so this is why you will see a lot of the same looking people.
I wish you all a good week . { I am entry 551 } if you would like to vote for my picture.



suzanne barber said...

What an adorable expression!

Lisa Barnum said...

This is adorable! Her face does really say everything, with out seeing her smile. Great job!

Chris said...

Such a cute image! Love the eye contact and expression!!

Wendhy Jeffers said...

Very sweet photo :)

Norman Photography said...

I love the softness of this!