Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Bailey’s NINE month stats}

I’m only a month late to be posting this, since she does turn 10 months next week but I figured, better late than never.

Bailey is still my happy- go- lucky child for the most part. She wakes up with a smile, which isn’t something I can say for myself! Unlike her brother she puts herself to sleep and most of the time sleeps through the night. She is happy 95% of the time. Only cranky when tired or hungry.

She has a total of four teeth right now; two on top and two on the bottom. She is crawling and super, duper fast. Sometime she does this spider crawl with her feet and hands on the floor, instead of her knees. She mostly does this on tile or wood floors and it is pretty funny to watch. She is spoiled rotten and only wants her “ma ma ma ma ma” unless her dad is around; game over! She weighs 18lbs 8oz and she is 28 inches long. She isn’t a big eater like her brother. So we stick to baby food, milk and finger foods here and there. She can wave “bye-bye” and sometimes will try and say “bye” when she is talking on the phone with her dad. Oh yes! This girl loves to talk on the phone… I am in big trouble.

Each day I feel like I bond with her more and more. We love her so much and her brother just thinks the world of her. If he doesn’t know where she is he freaks out. It’s actually kind of cute. But he is also the first to give her a whack on the back or try to wrestle with her.

It is amazing to me how different my two children are and how I love them just the same, with every part of my being. They are my life.

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My little love bug ♥

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