Thursday, March 31, 2011

::Hannah:: nine months:: {Redlands Children Photographer}

This little girl was the sweetest thing I have come across in a while. You could just melt it her big, beautiful, blue eyes. I was so jealous of her hair. I wish my daughter had as much hair as she did. I have known Miss Hannah’s mom since jr. high although I haven’t seen her in at least 10 years. Her husband is in the military and they have been living in North Carolina, which doesn’t make it easy to see someone often.  :) Hannah also has an older sister, Hailee, who can be quite shy. She is defiantly a mama’s girl. She stayed pretty reserved the whole shoot until I asked her about her dad and then she went on and on. It was the cutest thing ever.

Since we were at Prospect Park when did a lot of walking around and moving locations. Hannah was a trooper until the very end when all she wanted to eat was an orange.

The girls’ dad comes home in a few weeks and I will be taking pictures of the whole family. I cannot wait to see these little cuties again. It was so nice to see their mama and catch up after 10 years.

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