Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Every time I slow down I get sick!}

No Joke!

The last two months I tried to take it easy and spend more time around the house and with the fam bam. Where did it get me? No where but sick in bed. A month ago I had a week with nothing scheduled, and was really looking forward to it when BAM! I was slapped with the horrible flu that was going around and literally laid in bed for nine days while my children continued to destroy my home and my husband, who had to take days off from work to watch the kids, played video games on the PS3. Okay, no problem, everyone gets sick so let move on, clean up the house and get back to work. I was just getting back on top of everything when I started to get this nasty cough last week. Of course it is the week that I only schedule two clients and some meetings. Well the cough got worse and worse and worse.. After five days I finally decided to go to the doc (yes, I waited five days, I am not a fan of going to the doctor) and was told I have the wonderful Bronchitis! What joy it is to feel like you are hacking up your left lung throughout the day, peeing your pants every time you cough, haha TMI, and having your three year old ask “are you ok mama?” every time you have a coughing attack.

I am starting to feel much better today and I can only hope and pray I am not coughing by Sunday because I have a wedding to shoot!!!! Hacking in the middle of a wedding ceremony is not going to cut it. So if this cough wants to linger through Sunday, Robitussin and I are going to be great friends.

I can only hope this is it for me and the sickness for 2011.  I hardly get sick which is probably a good thing for my family because I am a horrible patient.

I hope all of you are staying healthy and happy and don’t forget to have a  wonderful St. Patty’s day.


(Not related to my post at all, but I love this picture of a orangutan’s fingers at the zoo. )

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