Thursday, March 31, 2011

::B+C=Baby:: {Hemet Maternity Photographer}

I was so happy when Courtney said she would come out to a new spot I have been eyeing for the last year! She was the first shoot I did after the time change and I was unsure when we should have started the shoot. I told her 4:30 but in in normal Courtney fashion she got there at five. She said if he daughter is anything like her she will come late too. ; ) After all the jokes about the lateness and her having to do her hair over because she didn’t like the curls, 5:00 worked out just perfect. This shoot made me “ok“ with the time change, because before this shoot I was not diggin it. Courtney was a trooper walking through all the elements being nine months pregnant and having a swollen foot and because of it she was able to get some amazing pictures. I am so in love with this spot I wish I could shoot here all the time or in places like this.

I hope you love this new spot at much as I do. If you would like to book your session here I might even give a little discount! Yes! that is how much I love this spot. ;) Let me know if you are interested.

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nmoneill said...

Awesome spot! And great pics!