Saturday, March 19, 2011

{In glimpse into a weekend}

Every other weekend we have my step-son Kohl at our house. Every other weekend is out of control with laughs, fun and screaming kids running from room to room. And of course what is a weekend without the occasional tears. Last weekend Kohl was at our house and we had some good times. Dad brought home some rope and other things to make the boys a tree swing. I laid in bed most of the morning trying to rest since I didn’t feel the greatest but I could hear them out there talking trying to figure out how to make the best swing. A while later I could hear excitement in the boys’ voices and then Logan start crying stating it was “His” turn.  I went outside and all three of them, my husband included, had the biggest smiles on their faces. They were so proud of their swing and all of them, the boys couldn’t wait to use it. I couldn’t wait to take pictures of them on the swing but at that time it was way to bright out so I called a family meeting at the swing in the evening so I could get the best pictures of them with that sunset!

I think it is the most amazing sound to hear your children laugh and have a good time with their family. When kids hit 10 I feel like they don’t laugh as much, or show as much excitement as they may have in years prior. I think when you hit 10 is when you start feeling or seeing more influences that are around you. Or maybe you just start recognizing influences.  And they also would love to play video games 19+ hours a day, if you would let them. This then results in that “I'm too cool stage. My parents are lame and know nothing” ahhh what a wonderful stage it is. SO.. for me to have our 10 year old for the weekend and to see and hear him laugh for hours on this swing with his dad just makes my day! High five to the hubby for making an awesome swing and hanging out, teaching and loving on the boys as he did it!

And, of course now that we have a swing this is ALL that Logan would like to do during the day. It is fun to take him out there, push him on this swing and watch his imagination grow.

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