Monday, April 4, 2011

::Cara|8 Days:: {Reche Canyon Newborn Photographer}

Sweet baby Cara was so cute and cuddly until I wanted to undress her.  This girl did not like to be nakey, which in her parents eyes is ok, and I am sure they hope it will stay that way for a very long, long time.

I did Courtney’s maternity pictures a couple weeks ago and since then have been waiting for this little beauty to arrive. I seriously love newborns. It is so nice to love and cuddle them, and then give them back. Out of all the sessions I do, newborn sessions make me miss my kids the most. This session I didn’t even get the chance to miss them though. They were there! Courtney is my sis-n-laws neighbor and since her house in under construction we did them at my sister in laws. She has a huge, naturally lit living room which is perfect for a newborn session.  It was a warm day so I didn’t even need the floor heater, and we kept the ac off. Boy was I hot by the end of that shoot. Newborns make me work, they are no easy task. I thought Cara and I had a good relationship going on until she poo’d and peed on me, twice! Let’s just say that wasn’t the highlight of my day. : )

Cara, I cannot wait to see you grow and watch you conquer all the little milestones in the next year.

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