Friday, April 15, 2011

::Movin’ on up!::

I received a birthday gift this last week that I am hoping, no scratch that, has already helped me with my business and keeping things together and organized, which is something I have a terrible doing lately. From now on my contracts will be signed at your session and sent right to your e-mail right after you sign them. Wada-bing-wada-bang! done! yes, just that simple. Technology is killing me these days. I never thought I would be “that person” that has no clue what is going on in the world with the latest gadgets and furthermore “that person” who has no clue how to use them. Yes, I am “THAT PERSON”!! In the last six months I have gone to make two purchases for some latest and greatest. One being the PS3 for Christmas and the most recent being the ipad. When the sales people were talking to me explaining all the “great” things these items do and how they do them I just sat there with a smile on my face and nodded, agreeing every once in a while. When I was totally puzzled I would start my question with “now this might sound really dumb but.. how do you ___?” I know they were just being nice and doing their job but I could tell they were wondering if I crawled out from under a rock somewhere from some foreign land, since I knew nothing. When the Verizon sales rep was explaining stuff to me and kept referring to face time I smiled and nodded and then I asked;; “  umm, what is face time? I have no clue” his response, “oh wow, you really don’t know anything” haha. Umm.. ya! told Ya! After a couples hours of frustration from not knowing what I was doing and using my friend Google to find out everything, I am extremely happy with my birthday present. Which leads me to my next walk of shame for the week. My birthday is at the end of the month and as of a couple weeks ago I didn’t know what my current age was. I laid in bed with Wes arguing that I was a year old than I really am for a good ten minutes before I (did the math) and realized he was right (did ya hear that… he was right! it doesn’t happen often) and I was wrong, about my own age!!! Isn’t there something really wrong with that last sentence? I didn’t know my own age and I am only turning 28 ( which I thought was 29). wow.

So without any further delay. He are the new contracts that you will being signing. PLUS I now have a walking portfolio with me at all times! So if ya see me on the street and want to see some pictures, I got it! Just don’t ask me my age. I might lie, or not know the answer!.


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