Thursday, April 14, 2011

::Senior.Nicole:: {Riverside, Mission Inn Senior Photographer}

I have been loving all of the senior pictures I have been doing, Nicole was no exception to that. She brought along her friend, Mom and Grandma. I love when my seniors bring along family or friends. I feel it always takes away that weird feeling of “wow, im the only one in the picture. Is my smile ok? Does my hair look ok? How should I stand? feeling” Yes, we all have these questions go through our head but when we have a distraction it is not as bad, plus I feel I get the see the “real” person when they interact with their family or laugh with their friends. I think that is what a picture should show, the real you!

We moseyed through the Mission Inn talking pictures as everyone looked at all the beautiful architecture of the building. I love old building like that. I just wish the walls could talk. Can you image how many stories they would have? I would love to hear all the stories.  Not only is the Mission Inn beautiful but so are the surrounding buildings.

I had fun with Nicole and her friend Tatum, I even threw them a curve ball and asked Tatum to take a couple pictures, she was hesitate but was a game player. I seriously couldn’t get over how tiny Nicole was, I secretly would LOVE to be that size. Only problem is I would most likely walk around naked and I don’t know how society would accept that. ;)

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