Thursday, April 7, 2011

::Senior. JEFF:: {Reche Canyon Senior Photographer}

This was the most exhilarating shoot I have been on, ever! Jeff lives in Reche Canyon, a place I am very familiar with, since this is where I grew up, and lived until about 4 years ago. I couldn’t picture taking Jeff’s pictures at any of the usual spots so I asked if using the canyon would be ok and he thought that was a great idea. Jeff got this awesome truck for Christmas and I was going to make sure we put it to use. I had a couple favorite spots that I wanted him to drive to and then he had some ideas of his own. I hadn’t been off-roading in a very long time. At least since I had Logan and I forgot what the rush felt like when you are not in control of the vehicle sliding around on the dirt, or climbing hills. It felt exciting and scary all at the same time. I had a huge smile ear to ear, was trying to hold on to my camera and the “HOLY SNIKKIES” bar at the same time. We made up stories about drug Lords coming to get us and how we would get away and had many laughs. What 17 year old boy wants to get their pictures taken? not many! So I figure, lets make is fun so we both enjoy it. Because lets face it, when someone doesn’t want their picture taken it doesn’t make job any easier. Jeff was a trooper and a good spot about all my request from him. ;) I wish it had been a little later in the evening to get that sunset light but since Jeff had to work we had to go sooner. So we made it work, but I would love to take a few more of him later in the evening.

Thanks for a great time Jeff.

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