Sunday, April 3, 2011

::Kaylee.Senior:: {Hemet Senior Photographer}

Kaylee’s mom contacted me for her daughters senior pictures. We went back and forth on a spot for a couple weeks until she saw Courtney’s maternity pictures.  She thought it would be a great spot and I couldn’t have agreed more! Kaylee brought two of her friends with her which was great since they had me laughing the whole time! It was awesome to see the three of these girls interact with each other. Their friendships looks unbreakable, it was as if they all three acted as one, knowing what the others were thinking. It reminded me up my friendships in high school. I told them if I could give them any advice, it would be to keep in touch, stay friends, and put effort into it. Being around these girls made me want to call my friends from high school, the D.H.C.K.S, and get together a.s.a.p., We all were so close and did everything together, but once you graduate, go you different directions it becomes harder and harder to stay in touch and keep that bond you have strong. I admire strong friendships. Everyone needs a best friend, weather it be one person or a couple.   The girls got emotional  when they started talking about the three of them going to different schools in different locations. Kaylee’s mom was emotional  to see her little baby grow into a beautiful young woman who is graduating high school, and has turned how pretty darn well.  And then I got emotional just watching them get emotional, wow sounds like one big emotional mess….. but were girls and allowed to do that. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these ladies, with their goals and determination I am sure they will go far. Plus, I can’t wait to see them again since I am taking Kaylee’s two friends senior pictures in the next couple weeks. : )

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