Friday, April 22, 2011

::A Day at the Beach::

In honor of Earth day I thought I would post pictures from our Laguna Beach trip last week. Last Saturday I was scheduled to meet some clients down in Laguna so I figured we should just make a day out of it with the kids, especially since Laguna is one of my favorite spots. I feel so at home at the beach. When I am down in the beach area I feel as if anything goes. Who cares if you hair is frizzy, who cares if you have sand all over you feet and legs, who cares if your kids are wet from running into the water with their clothes on, who cares about anything.. why? because you’re at the beach! After this trip to the beach I am so happy to say Logan’s love for the beach has grown. He has been asking daily to go to back, which has tempted me just to get in the car and drive… to the beach! The only thing stopping me is these outrageous gas prices.

We went down to the Montage tide pools and saw all sorts of neat things, including some dolphins. Logan thought that was the neatest thing ever! We saw a crab, some newly hatched hermit crabs, sea urchins, and some green anemone. We were looking for a star fish, but never came across one.

We took Bailey to the beach last summer for the first time, but this was the first time she actually was able to feel the sand between her toes and touch the water. The verdict it still out if she likes it or not.   We are planning to go back next week and I cannot wait. I could spend all day down there without a care in the world. I have always wanted to live at the beach, but I also want my horses and farm animals. Is that asking for too much? How about we just move to Hawaii and buy a plantation farm…. I think that shall be perfect,  the best of both worlds.

Happy Earth day.




These pictures melt my heart.


Leave it to Logan to eat the sand at three years old!


And drinking from the drinking fountain ALONE for the first time. This was after we had to tell him NOT to suck on the spout!

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nmoneill said...

Great pics Hannah! I love Laguna Beach too! And isn't it funny how all kids want to suck on the spout of the water fountain??!!