Tuesday, April 19, 2011

::Liam|10 days:: {Riverside Newborn Photographer}

Liam sure is cute, but I have come to the conclusion he just doesn’t like me. His parents wanted me to come and and do birth photography when he was making his arrival into this world. Well, since he decided to be stubborn, he was born by c-section, which meant no birth photography. I have to admit I was bummed since I think it is the most amazing thing ever, but I was more glad that mama and Liam were doing just fine.

I had been talking to Lisa all week asking how she was doing and adjusting to motherhood. I have no doubt that her and Sean will make the most amazing parents. It is hard not to feel the love for this child when they are around him. It was refreshing to see a baby be so loved by two people. Only problem for me… Liam did NOT want to sleep. I was at their house for four hours and he maybe slept 20 minutes. Seriously!?! a 10 day old baby not sleeping for me? I thought I was a goner. I secretly was panicking inside trying to figure out how to pose him and what to do with a baby who I couldn’t bend and move around where I wanted him. Once I got home and looked through the pictures I felt a little better but I still was stressed. Then once I walked away and came back to the project I felt I pulled it off pretty good. If I can handle Mr. Liam, I can handle anything. I am excited to see this little guy grow up and watch what an amazing job his parents will do.

Congrats again Lisa & Sean. : )

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