Wednesday, May 18, 2011

::Deniz Wedding:: {San Bernardino/Redlands Wedding Photographer}

3.26.11 a chilly, overcast day in the Inland Empire, but there was NO rain and that is all that mattered. From the day that Becky and I met with Lisa for her consultation we were excited to watch this wonderful day un-fold. Lisa is so relaxed, “kick-back” as the youngens would say. She knew what pictures she wanted, but over all she wanted to have a good time and marry the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, Robert.

On the day of the wedding I arrived where Lisa was getting ready. I expected to find a bride freaked out about the weather and that is might rain, boy was I wrong. Lisa was so calm. She was enjoying herself, getting ready, having her long time friend Alejandro Puilido do her hair and make-up, surrounded by her closest friends and family.

Lisa and Robert had the most beautiful wedding ceremony at St Bernadine's church,  in San Bernardino. It had been a while since I had been to a catholic ceremony, but from what I remembered I knew I would have plenty of time to get all those perfect shots I wanted.

After the ceremony we met in Redlands to take family pictures along with wedding party. Lots of jokes were told and laughs during this time. Robert and Lisa are hilarious, at times I didn’t know what to believe between jokes and “real-talk”, it doesn’t help I am the most gullible person you’ll ever meet. I had never met Robert until the day of the wedding,so it was great to see the way Lisa lights up when she is around him. These two must walk around smiling all the time. They are so happy  together and always laughing. It is refreshing to be around them, because it is hard not to smile with them.

There is not much I can say about this reception besides it was one big, beautiful, party! Their reception was held at the Mitten Building, in Redlands. Their DJ, Mike Medina, was great. He kept everyone dancing and constantly interacting with each other. He even played the Spanish version of achy-breaky-heart by Billy Rae Cyrus. C’mon, who doesn’t want to dance to that?!?!  I would have to say my favorite part about their wedding and the reception were the BEAUTY-ful flowers from Petals by Xavi. They were amazing. I badly wanted one of these flower arrangements. They made the night complete. The food was great from The Farm, in Redlands, I have been craving asparagus since this wedding and I normally don’t even like it! Their wedding cake from Baker’s Oven, in Riverside, was gorgeous, picture perfect, I didn’t get a taste but I heard it was yummy.

Becky and I really enjoyed ourselves at this beautiful wedding. Robert & Lisa you are an amazing couple with wonderful families. Thank you for having Becky and I be a part of your special day.

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