Tuesday, May 17, 2011

::Easter Cousins:: {Highland Family Photographer}

The title of this post show just how far behind I am in blogging.

I was super happy when Lindsey contacted me to take the kids pictures, I hadn’t seen her or Brock in a while and it just so happened to fall on her birthday. But, I was not so happy when I woke up that morning with a migraine and it was super-duper hot outside and only eight in the morning. Luckily we had decided to take the pictures around 10am so she could have the rest of the day to celebrate the day of her birth!  Lindsey’s sister, Stephanie, also came with her kids so we just made it a “cousins photo day". I remember being little and getting so excited to see my cousins and yes, even take pictures with them. There is a special bond between cousins. They are someone you might see often, or maybe only a couple times a year. Sometime it might take a few minutes to warm up to them, but one you do, it seems that you always have a blast with your cousins. They are like that best friend that you can tell everything to since you don’t have the same friends or live in the same house, and you know your secret will be safe.  It was great to see the kids run around together, help each other, and encourage one another to smile! I always love when I see families get together and share moments in life. Nothing is greater than family.

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